Cloud Cybersecurity
Services Platform
  • Test and educate staff
  • Monitor company perimeter
  • Protect email and web-application
  • Manage cybersecurity
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Automation of the most labour intensive tasks — from perimeter control to incident response.

Save time and resources spent

Fast integration and a decrease in asset maintenance costs.

Single-window management

Platform access from any place in the world with convenient delimitation.

24/7 Technical support

Quick assistance on the function of Platform features and expert consultation.

Staff education and testing

Every third employee of Russian companies falls for phishing emails. Because of this, encryption software often finds its way into the infrastructure, giving the attackers access to the computers used by top level management and accountants.  

The PhishZone service allows management to determine how vulnerable the company is to phishing. Ready-made email templates help to quickly simulate a malicious mailing campaign, while the automatic collection of statistics can help track the reaction of employees.

Employees who do succumb to phishing can go through remedial training using the Security Fitness service, which is incredibly easy to set up. Ready-made remote courses will explain how to calculate and counteract social engineering threats with clear examples.

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Perimeter monitoring

Perimeter security requires daily routine tasks: tracking new applications and looking for misconfigurations. Def.Zone will allow you to automate these tasks and keep you informed about the state of your perimeter.

Perimeter Scanner allows companies to automate the process of monitoring external network nodes and applications on the perimeter. The tool quickly scans any number of applications, IP addresses and subnets and can detect changes while comparing the results of recent scans.

Continuous Penetration Testing can helps users to spot vulnerabilities in time by constantly monitoring and detecting changes on the perimeter. The service combines automated checks and expert assessment, thereby saving the company the trouble of worrying about false positives.

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Perimeter protection

Email and web applications are the most popular target attack vectors among cybercriminals. Cloud-based solutions enable companies to quickly ensure the security of these critical business services and avoid the capital cost of acquiring, installing and maintaining on-premise security features.

BI.ZONE Cloud Email Security & Protection is applied to safeguard email from spam, phishing, and malware. Thanks to a multi-level filtering mechanism, the service detects malicious emails and prevents them from reaching the mail server. 

BI.ZONE Cloud Web Application Firewall protects web applications from cyberattacks, including zero-day attacks. The service automatically adapts to the business logic of the site and allows users to withstand web attacks with the least number of false positives.

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Cybersecurity management

Even the best cybersecurity assets are inefficient without reinforcement. Def.Zone services will help you save time by automating administrative tasks allowing you to stay focused on practical issues.

Ad-hoc New, InfoCheck and DefDocs simplify the work of those responsible for the single approach to cybersecurity within large companies and their subsidiaries. Services help to convey news, conduct self-examination through polls, and verify that all branches have implemented an important update or new standards.

Compliance Platform helps companies align personal data processing with the legislative requirements without any specific knowledge.

The SOC Portal is a communication interface between the user and the BI.ZONE Security Operations Centre. Interactive statistics and detailed reports help to quickly evaluate the results of the service and get fast access to information on discovered incidents.

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Employee education and testing


Test staff resilience to phishing attacks.

Security Fitness

Practical course on the principles of cybersecurity.

Perimeter monitoring

Perimeter Scanner

Infrastructure inventory and monitoring for changes on the perimeter.

Continuous Penetration Testing (CPT)

Uninterrupted perimeter security control.

Perimeter protection

Cloud Web Application Firewall (CWAF)

Cloud web application security.

Cloud Email Security & Protection (CESP)

Cloud email security.

Cybersecurity management


Automated administration of cybersecurity.

SOC Portal

Web interface used to interact with the BI.ZONE Security Operations Centre.


Implementation and audit of regulatory documents.

Compliance Platform

Alignment of company operations with legislative requirements.

Why choose Def.Zone
Reduced costs
Optimise administration and maintenance costs for cybersecurity tools to focus on the most important tasks.
Add as many employees as it is necessary: the platform has no restrictions on the number of users per organisation and comes with simple tools for role delimitation.
24/7 Availability and Security
Feel free to use Def.Zone services even in large companies: fault tolerance and service availability is ensured by horizontal scaling.
Easy management
Control the cybersecurity processes of the entire company and its subsidiaries with a single console, accessible from anywhere in the world.
How to get started
Submit and confirm the corporate email address
Submit company requisites and information about the infrastructure
Activate and launch the required service
Close all your daily cybersecurity tasks